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Vaibhav & Ishita

Wedding story
After meeting with Vaibhav & Ishita, we must say that they are very understanding and romantic couple. Even when they started sharing of their love story with us, we can see the love in their eyes. They are the couple who makes all the rituals and fucntions memorable for everyone who were present in the celebration. Their wedding was not only a wedding, that was the 4 days festival in which every day something new and creative thought touched everyone’s heart. The destination wedding is awesome but Dubai makes it more perfect. Vaibhav is a charming and cool personality. He symbolized the most charming Groom ever and Ishita is a girl who is very delicate and sweet bride. Both are very dedicated and loving to each other.

Grandest and most luxurious wedding in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi in 2018 – #VaibhavIshita