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Isha Films

Why Us

Isha Films has an established reputation for providing HD quality Wedding Photography and Cinematography services.
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At ISHA FILMS, we work with few simple goals. We cater to small & selected no. of clients each year, which gives the time to provide you with specialized and personal attention.

Our approach is professional but informal and our style has been perfected over the past few years to provide you with a contemporary look of your wedding day. We are really excited to bring the magic of cinema to real people. What we do is allow you to relive the biggest moment of your life in the way that they deserve to be remembered. We always keep in mind the taste and preferences of our customers and always go an extra mile to see that cheesy smile on our customer’s face when they look at all those fun filled special moments assembled in their albums and movies.

For us it’s all about you. As our success is because of you. We are dedicated to customer service and flexibility through our elegant, contemporary and documentary coverage for all occasions. We have a very creative team of photographers and videographers working full time in out studio. Having a strong and stable backhand proves to be a very important feature in being on top. We understand that photography is very important to you and you want to hire absolute right person. So we encourage you to look around and make sure that you find the work you love and a photographer you can connect with. Do not settle for anything less. We do very little advertising and depend on our current and past client’s recommendations rather than telling you about our years of experience, money saving solutions, we would rather have our satisfied customers tell you themselves…